Trek and climb to Mera Peak

Mera Peak summit and back to Lukla


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Day 12 - Mera Peak ascent and return to Khare

The final steep part just below the summit is easily covered and we are there at 6470m, right on the edge of the high Himalaya. To the north the highest summits in the world and to the south the endless ridges of hills leading down to the Indo-Gangetic plain.
There is still hardly any wind and the sun is shining so we can spend all the time we want at the summit enjoying the views.

Eventually we set off for the return to Khare. It is really easy until we pass the tongue of the glacier below the Mera La but the long descent makes you realize what a long ascent it has been.

Below the tongue of the glacier the cloud comes in (is it always cloudy here?) and we need to tread more carefully down the mixed snow and rock slope but eventually reach Khare at 2.00 pm without any problems.


Day 13 Khare to Gotay

After a very good night of sleep we leave for the long walk to Gotay. Long in distance but still pretty easy as the air gets thicker.


Day 13 Gotay to Thule Kharka

A long walk up to Thule Kharka. Even with a good acclimatisation this is a STEEP ascent up that hill. The weather is good until we almost reach Thule Karka and snow starts falling. It's a cold damp night.


Day 14 Tuli Kharka to Lukla

Treacherous crossing of the Zatrwa La because of the fresh snow. It is very slippery in places and the descent is really long. Once we get out of the snow the going gets easier but it is still a long day to Lukla where the sun is shining, the air is thick and the planes seem to be running so we'll make it back to Kathmandu tomorrow.




Mera Peak summit


Mera Peak summit



The obligatory summit photo



View from he summit: Makalu



View from the summit: Ice axes and Everest


View from the summit: Kangchenjunga on the horizon



View from the summit: the hills to the South


View from the summit towards the West



Sorting out our gear in Khare



Departing Khare



Crossing porters on their way up to Khare


Mani stones and lichens near Gotay



The river bed and rocks covered in red lichen near Gotay



In the riover bed of the Hinku valley



Ascending towards Thule Kharka


In the fog near Thule Kharka



Thule Kharka under snow



Thule Kharka under snow



Way to the Zatwra La from Thule Kharka


Back to Lukla


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