Trek and climb to Mera Peak

Gotay to Tagnag


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Day 5 (continued)- Descent into the Hinku Valley to Gotay (3600m)

From there the trail climbs gradually following the river and crossing a broad ridge of mixed forest you reach a sandy boulderchoked area known as Gotay (or Khote) at an altitude of 3600m.

This is a good place for camp and several lodges have sprouted up in the last few years. There are also several "interesting" butcher's stalls (to supply expedition cooks).


Day 6 - Gotay to Tagnag

Following the west bank of the Hinku river northwards, the forest eventually disappears and the valley widens and becomes much more open. There are no villages in the Upper Hinku, only small kharkas used for grazing goats, sheep and yaks. The twin summits of Kusum Kanguru appear on the left while the valley is bounded on the right by the steep rock face of Mera's satellite peak. Ahead framed in the sharp "V" of the valley you have good views of the superb Peak 43 or Kyashar (also sometimes called Charpati).

We reach the small settlement of Tagnag after aruund 4 hours. Here again there are several small lodges that sprouted up in recent years to cater for people going to Mera Peak (and beyond to climb Baruntse or cross the Amphu Lapsa).

As Tagnag is at 4350m we will spend two nights here before moving up to Khare at 5000m.


Day 7 - Acclimatisation day at Tagnag (4350m)

A great option for an acclimatisation walk is to trek up the nearby ridge coming down from Kusum Kanguru, where you can reach an altitude of nearly 5000 metres and gain a spectacular view of the route onto the Mera La.

You can have a very good look at the route by clicking on the two panoramas at the bottom of the page.

It is a long tiring walk up - and a long descent - but really worth it for the views (and of course good for acclimatisation).

We finally hear rumours that some people have managed to summit Mera but it is not very clear. Still the weather is warm and conditions at higher altitude must be getting better.




In the forest along the Hinku river





Hinku river



On the trail leaving Lukla for Chutanga



In the forest on the way to Chutanga


A butcher's stall in Gotay



The Hinku valley with Peak 43


The Hinku valley below the south face of Mera Peak



Himalayan gentians



Himalayan gentians



Early morning in Tagnag with view of the Mera La


Early morning in Tagnag with view of Kusum Kangru



Acclimatisation walk above Tagnak



A small glacier on the way to Kusum Kangru (above Tagnag)



View towards the Mera La (from above Tagnag)


View of Mera Peak (west face) and the Mera La (on the left) from above Tagnag



The Mera La (seen with a tele lens from above Tagnag)



Early morning in Tagnag, Mera west face


Panorama of the Mera La

The Mera La - click to enlarge

Panorama of the Mera La

Route to the Mera Base Camp (marked with green dots) - click to enlarge

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