Trek and climb to Mera Peak

Tagnag to Khare (Mera Base camp) and to the Mera La


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Day 8 - Tagnag to Khare (5000m)

It's an easy walk up to Khare (about 3 hours) with very nice views of Kyashar, Mera and Kusum Kangru.

Khare can be considered to be the Base Camp of Mera Peak and there are quite a lot of tents (I count 29!), a few small lodges and a considrable amount of rubbish strewn around.
There is also a lot of cloud and fog but temperatures are still remarkably mild especially when you consider that we are at almost 5000 metres.


Day 9 - Acclimatisation day in Khare

We decide to walk up to the Mera La (5400m) in order to acclimatise. It is also a good way to see what is in store for us tomorrow. The weather is cloudy and the ascent is hard work in rocky terrain partially covered in snow. As it is the first time we are wearing our plastic boots it really takes a bit of getting used to.
On the way up we meet a few people who had the same idea as us including two British ladies who have decided to ski down Mera (we have been following each other pretty much all the way from Lukla). They can finally try their skis today for the first time and we can put on our crampons as we get higher up and need to pass the steep part leading around the tongue of the Mera Glacier onto the glacier itself and to the Mera La.

As we get there the fog closes in and we decide to turn back as there are no views at all. The descent to Khare is hard work and I dread wallking it on the return from the summit. It is treacherous terrain and not a very nice way to finish a 10 or more hours summit day.


Day 10 - Ascent to Mera La and Mera Peak Base camp

We leave late morning for the Mera La. It is cloudy again so no views but the walk feels a little easier than on the previous day. The wonders of acclimatisation!

On the Mera La there is a clear trail weaving its way around a few crevasses towrds the Mera La. We descend a little on the Hongu side to a nice sheltered spot where a few other climbers have set their camp.

Temperatures are still mild, barely below freezing.


Day 11 - Mera La to Mera high camp (5800m)


Finally a clear sunny day (we are above the clouds). We hang around at camp in the morning and enjoy the great views. I walk by up to the Mera La (it's just 100m above our camp) to take photos of the area as we couldn''t see much yesterday and the day before.




On the way to Khare


Glimpse of Mera Peak (northwest) on the way to Khare



Glimpse of Mera Peak on the way to Khare



View of Mera Peak (northwest) on the way to Khare



Khare - 5000m


Getting ready to walk up on a sunny morning



Start of the walk to Mera La from Khare


Two skiers going up to the Mera La on their acclimatisation day



Walk to Mera La from Khare



Himalayan gentians



Sunny morning in Khare with a good view of Mera Peak


Early morning in Mera Base Camp (5400m)



Early morning in Mera Base Camp (5400m)



Kusum Kangru viewed from the Mera La



View towards the Mera La (from above Tagnag)


View of the route to the Mera La



The tongue of the Mera Glacier and the path around it



View from the Mera La towards the West



View from the Mera La towards Mera Peak




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