Nepal - Kangchenjunga trek


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Day 7 - Ramche

I spend the afternoon roaming in the area, watching the clouds playing and the amazing mountains all around us.

As soon as the sun sets temperature plumpets and eventually goes down to -20C in the middle of the night.

We can hear Himalayan blue sheep (locally called bharal - they are actually from the goat family despite their name) wandering around through the camp during the night.



Ratong and Kabru


Our camp seen from the moraine



The summit of Ratong



Low cloud above the glacier



This one is called Bokton peak (or Bokta / Boktah)



Ratong at sunset


Day 8 - Ramche to Oktang and return to camp


Glad to see the sun rise and bring us some warmth after that cold night.

The blue sheep that we heard during the night are now roaming above the camp, about 30 of them.

It is a very clear and sunny day and an easy walk to Oktang. We pass an altar and prayer flags, reminding us that Kangchenjunga is a mountain considered sacred by the inhabitants of Sikkim and eastern Nepal.

According to the map (Trekking routes to Kangchenjunga 1: 100 000 Paolo Gondini) Oktang (and certainly the Kangchenjunga South base camp) is beyond the moraine that we follow. To reach Oktang you'd need to walk down onto the glacier (there is a small path if you look for it), cross the Tso glacier and ascend again onto a flat area. My guess is that it would take a long time (not so much the distance as the probable difficulty of picking one's way across the glacier). So what we do instead is follow the easy path along the top of the moraine.
Eventually we reach an unstable scree slope where we stop and hang about, enjoying watching small avalanches coming down Kabru until a rock fall on the scree only meters away reminds us that it may not be such a good spot to spend time at.



Watching the sun setting on Ratong and Kabru



Herd of bharal or blue sheep



Walking towrads Oktang



On the moraine of the Yalung glacier



Kabru and altar in the foreground



Sitting at the end of the world



Kangchenjunga and the Yalung glacier



Kabru and the Yalung glacier


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