Nepal - Kangchenjunga trek


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Day 14 - Day trip to Pang Pema

Early start and great weather. The walk is not very hard at all but most of the group are tired (some exhausted) by the time they reach Pang Pema. Only three of us go a little beyond (where you get better views of Kangchenjunga) and I am the only one to go higher above Pang Pema. Eventually I stop at the ice fall because I am alone and don't want to risk going higher.
I get back to Lhonak well after everybody else.
In retrospect it was a mistake to decide against spending the night in Pang Pema. Most of the group just didn't have the stamina to walk up to Pang Pema and then enjoy the views and more walks. It would have been better not to shy away from one or two cold nights.




Day 15 - Lhonak to Kambachen

Some participants are too tired to walk all the way to Ghunsa so we decide to go to Kambachen only. Free morning in Lhonak (with sunny weather) before the descent which is a nice change from our normal routine.




The impressive Wedge Peak


First views of Kangchenjunga's north face



Kangchenjunga, the third highest summit in the world



Looking back down the valley



Pang Pema seen from above



An avalanche



Close-up of the avalanche



Kangchenjunga (from the opposite side of the glacier)








A last view back


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