Nepal - Kangchenjunga trek


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Day 10 - Mirgin La to Ghunsa

We walk up to the Mirgin La (at least it's a pass with a sign that says "Mirgin La") then descend to Ghunsa. Pretty hard for some because there is a bit of snow and ice on the stones making it possibly harder than if there was plenty of snow. Nobody falls down which again amazes me but most are very tired by the time they get themselves down to Ghunsa.

Much warmer here, I immediately wash my hair at a tap (it's still bloody cold). There are also a couple of "hot" (more like luke warm) showers in the village.



Day 11 - Ghunsa to Kambachen

The walk up to Kambachen is fairly easy. Crossing the landslide is much easier than described in Kev Reynold's book. The path is stable but it would be dangerous if there were snow (I'd cross it easily with an ice axe in my hands as safety but I would never let a group that I am responsible for cross it). There is an alternative (known by the sherpas) across the river but it would be quite long detour. Kambachen is a little cold and cloudy so no mountain views. Our sirdar has found a porter who has been to Jannu base camp before so he will take us there tomorrow.





Day 12 - Kambachen to Jannu base camp and back

Crossing the river on a short, icy one plank bridge. That's not fun for some. Straight walk up towards the ridge to the East. Carry on along and above the northern part of the moraine of the Jannu glacier. The base camp is near a large rock with prayer flags. Very easy to carry on further, past a huge rock sheltering a Hindu temple and on towards a scree slope (large rocks, stable). The altitude is about 4800m and the walk from Kambachen has taken 3 hours.

The Himalaya range in the early morning


At one of the passes



View of Jannu at one of the passes



Jannu South face



Near Ghunsa






The gompa (Buddhist monastery) in Ghunsa



Prayer books



Arriving at Kambachen


Crossing the river on a frozen plank



View of Kambachen from the path to Jannu base camp


The Jannu glacier



Standing near the Jannu base camp


Hindu shrine


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