Sikkim - from Goecha La back to Yuksom


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A very last look towards the north beyond Onglaktang glacier before returning down to the plains.

Onglaktang glacier and Kangchenjunga


A few of our crew having fun


Some of our crew



Collapsed trekkers. My lot look pretty tired on the way down to Tsokha


Tired trekkers



Back in the rain forest on the descent to Tsokha. But this time the good weather continued. No mist and rain but continuous sun all day.


On the descent to Tsokha



Arriving in Tsokha, our first village in over 10 days. It even has shops! We are back at 'low altitude': 2910m





The ridges to the south towards Darjeeling and the plains of Bengal. As night comes, we can see the lights of the villages and towns in the distance. Tomorrow is our last day walking to Yuksom and the road head.




Back on the road! They are not exactly good roads, but they are working on them!


Road works


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