Markha valley and ascent of Stok Kangri - August 2006


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Day 4 - More acclimatizing: A walk to the north of Leh

Today is another remarkably hot day and we will be walking a little more instead of being driven. More acclimatizing! We follow the western side of the valley towards a village called Gompa, just a little north of Leh.


We walk along fields, irrigation canals, a small free flowing torrent, dark green grass then back through habitations to finish down by the road coming down from the Khardung La.

One thing that I find particularly amusing are the way willows are cultivated (wood is scarce and a precious commodity in Ladakh), using old cans to protect them from animals (and may also to make them grow straight). See the pictures in the middle of the page.


The afternoon is devoted to packing our stuff for the start of the trek tomorrow, deciding what to leave in Leh and what to take as well as last minute small purchases






A wall made from the traditional mud bricks



Lots of lizards everywhere



Lots of lizards everywhere



My son Lukas standing between two stupas



Walking on soft green grass





Willows with animal protection



Fields and desert



Freshly repainted stupas



A large prayer wheel


A young girl with a young cow



Fields, poplar trees and the ever present Stok Kangri in the backgorund



A row of stupas


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